Software Developers Report for April 30 – May 4, 2018

This week’s major work guidelines:

During the work week, we focused on optimising the dApps for mobile devices and increasing the overall performance and code integrity.

It’s still far from ideal, but we are doing our best.

We read a ton of manuals and drank an unhealthy amount of coffee, but in the end, all our applications work adequately on any modern device, be it a smartphone or a huge, wide-format, all-in-one PC.

Localisation support has also been integrated (special thanks to the vue-i18n developers, who relieved us of many of the mundane actions that we otherwise would have had to execute).

At the end of the week, we actualized the tests, updated the test scenario migration profiles, and finished working on the deposit contract.  

Here is what we focused on this week:

  • dApp: improving the responsiveness of the mobile version of the dApp site
  • dApp: adding a language-switching option (English and Russian are currently available)
  • dApp: improving the validation of various forms
  • dApp: putting everything in a consistent style
  • dApp: running complex tests
  • Contracts: correcting the contract test
  • Contracts: integrating CI Travis and automatic smart-contract code linting
  • Contracts: executing deployment without the synchronisation of the public node net
  • dApp: adding contract balance output and tracking
  • dApp: validating JSON when publishing reports
  • dApp: implementing date localisation
  • Refactoring the bounty page, contract status, and the report